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Lord Voldemort usually sent or possessed Nagini to do his bidding, and many key characters suffered by her. As mentioned, the snake very nearly killed Arthur Weasley, who had to spend Christmas at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, as Nagini's venom kept his wounds from healing Ever wonder how Nagini met Voldemort? Or did she meet him when he was known as Tom Riddle? If not as important, when did they meet? Check out my video on Nag..

The other evidence (Voldemort knowing Nagini's name, having control over her, etc.) can all be explained away by his use of Parseltongue. He claims to hate half-breeds like werewolves, but I've argued before that his bigotry is a means to power rather than a deeply held conviction This video is property of Warner Bros. I don't own anything. No copyright infringement intended Nagini egy kígyó, ám Voldemortnak egy igaz barát. Nagini először a Harry Potter és a Tűz Serlegében tűnik fel. Ő a Sötét Nagyúr házikedvence, egyben horcrux is. Voldemort képes vele beszélni, mert párszaszóul is tud, vagyis érti a kígyók nyelvét

Voldemort, Nagini és cikesz-kérdés? Figyelt kérdés. Szóval 1981-ben, amikor Godric's Hollowba indult megölni az 1 éves Harryt, már volt 5 horcruxa. Ha sikerült volna megölnie Harryt, akkor megcsinálhatta volna a 6 horcuxot, és kész. Szóval volt a testében egy egyhatod lélekdarab. Megölte James-t, így a benne lévő lelke. Voldemort nagyúr (ejtsd ˈvoʊldəmɔr vagy - a filmekben - ˈvoʊldəmɔrt), születettː Tom Rowle Denem, angol eredetiben: Tom Marvolo Riddle, J.K. Rowling nagy sikerű Harry Potter-regénysorozatának egyik főszereplője. A széria valamennyi részében szerepel, beleértve az ezekből készült filmeket is, a Harry Potter és az azkabani fogoly kivételével, ahol csak a nevét.

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Nagini was a Maledictus who became a huge, magical, diamond-patterned snake and a companion to Voldemort. Nagini was originally a young woman who suffered from a malediction, a blood curse that would eventually transform her into a snake. She used this ability to become a circus performer in the 1920s with Circus Arcanus. Here she met Credence Barebone in 1927 when he also became a part of the circus in order to escape from New York Nagini/Voldemort; Nagini; Voldemort; Dark; Crack Pairings; Humanverse; Violence; Summary. Il suo cuore e il suo spirito appartenevano alla Morte. Chi altri avrebbe potuto amare, se non l'essere che permetteva l'esistenza di tutte le delizie tra le quali lei danzava? Due creature unite nella loro oscurità. Language: Italiano Words: 787. Nagini is loyal to Voldemort because he can speak with snakes. As a Maledictus, there probably isn't much time after the events in The Crimes of Grindelwald before Nagini falls to her blood curse.. Nagini is a long green female snake who was Lord Voldemort's pet, and a major antagonist in the Harry Potter series, serving as a supporting antagonist in Goblet of Fire, a minor antagonist in Order of the Phoenix and a major antagonist in Deathly Hallows. She is also a supporting protagonist inFantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Her past story as a human is uncovered inFantastic.

Nagini is a green snake who is Voldemort's pet, and is the tertiary antagonist of the Harry Potter series, mainly in Deathly Hallows.She first appeared on screen in the film adaption of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She appears at the beginning of the movie and tells Voldemort, Barty Crouch Jr. and Wormtail that Frank Bryce is outside of the door If Nagini really is Voldemort's mother, then it makes more sense why he would be so extremely close with the snake, even entrusting the creature with a piece of his soul

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Severus Snape: The death of Severus Snape was one of the most tragic in the Harry Potter franchise, but technically, Lord Voldemort didn't kill the man with his own hands. Upon thinking that Snape was the master of the Elder Wand, Voldemort ordered Nagini to kill the wizard. The snake bit Snape in the neck, killing him with poisonous venom According to Reddit user soupycutie, there's a lot of evidence to suggest that Nagini may be more than just Voldemort's future horcrux and snake companion. She might be his mother. She might be.

For the whole of the book series, we didn't know very much about Nagini. She was a snake that seemed deeply bonded with Voldemort and could communicate with him, thanks to him being a Parselmouth. Eventually, it was revealed that she was a Horcrux, and she was killed by Neville Longbottom when he swung Gryffindor's sword down on her Voldemort drinks Nagini's venom to regain strength in his baby-form in Goblet of Fire, an obvious parallel to mother's milk. It may even explain why Voldemort develops snake-like characteristics Nagini was never an ordinary snake and not just because she's the Dark Lords familiar. She is the only one Dark Lord cares for, but for how much? Warning for swearing, violence and sexual content. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Angst - Tom R. Jr., Voldemort - Words: 2,318 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 30. - Voldemort with Nagini He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named features his faithful companion turned Horcrux Nagini draped around him, ready to take back all that was taken from him. Figure measures about 10 inches tall and comes packaged in a window display box, please note images shown are artwork and final product produced may vary For fans of the original Harry Potter franchise, learning the truth about Nagini's origins was a bit of a two-way street. It was good to know the sense had by all the snake Voldemort prized as a.

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Voldemort's personal timeline aside, the upcoming movie, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, is set to unpack the origin story of the Dark Lord's most loyal companion, Nagini Check out our nagini voldemort selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops Meanwhile, Nagini's entire role revolves around her inhumanity: first being gawked at in a circus and eventually transforming into Voldemort's pet/weapon Because, by then, Voldemort had learned a lot about wands by torturing Olivander. He thought, incorrectly of course, that the loyalty of the wand passes through murder of the last owner. Through his own order, Snape had killed Dumbledore and, unkn..

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  1. Bestiality means sexual behavior with an animal. Voldemort was not like normal human beings, and didn't feel the desire for love or sex. Voldemort considered himself above other human beings, and just craved for power and recognition. Voldemort di..
  2. harry hermione nagini potter snakevore voldemort vore harrypotterfanart hermionegranger voredigestion hermionefanart naginivore snakevoreperil. HD NSFW and see through versions available for my patrons Part1: Patreon Online Store: Gumroad Note: This happens in a fictional alternative storyline with an adult Hermione (over 18 years old
  3. Lucky for Nagini she was a practiced spelunker. The moist tender walls of Voldemort's rectum spasmed against her scales, and she found it growing increasingly harder to press on. Outside, Voldemort was heaving in protest and fighting her massive coils. She hardly had to focus to restrain him, so slight was his physical body
  4. At the end of Fantastic Beasts 2, we saw Nagini's one and only friend choose to go with an evil man who believed in extremist ideals similar to Voldemort. Nagini was offered a chance to join the.
  5. Voldemort: Voldemort is a very powerful wizard who has become evil and wants to become immortal. He tries to kill Harry and his parents when Harry was a baby, but wasn't completely successful. He killed his parents, but could not kill Harry. Nagini does a lot of Voldemort's dirty work and shows no mercy on its victim
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  7. Voldemort asked, looking down to his friend with raised brows, (at least if he had any), Nagini spoke to him in Parseltongue, Voldemort seemed a little surprised at whatever it was she said, before he smiled evilly at the girl

Voldemort is convinced that the safest place the snake can possibly be is with him; He would visit the Gaunt shack first, then, and take Nagini with him: he would not be parted from the snake any more And he strode from the room, through the hall and out into the dark garden where the fountain played; he called the snake in Parseltongue and. Nagini is Voldemort's pet snake, and a minor antagonist in the Harry Potter films, but is the secondary antagonist of the final film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. 1 Background 1.1 Biography 1.2 Physical appearance 1.3 Personality and traits 1.4 Magical abilities and skills 1.4.1.. Nagini was a snake who befriended Voldemort. Nagini had a special bond with him and became the final Horcrux. Nagini had an important part in the Second Wizarding War and was found often at Voldemort's side. In order for him to be finally defeated, Nagini needed to be destroyed and she was eventually killed by Neville Longbottom with the Sword of Gryffindor Fans went wild after discovering Nagini, Voldemort's faithful pet snake, was a witch suffering from a maledictus curse. Now, armed with that information, some conspiracy theorists have delved. Voldemort was able to posses Nagini and Harry mostly because they shared that part of the soul. And remember when Voldemort possessed Harry in the Ministry, Harry was aware of it and remembered it later. And even if we discard possession - we are still left with the ability to talk to and control snakes and very strong Legiliment ability

Nagini may refer to: . Nāginī, the female counterpart of a Nāga, the king cobra, or a serpentine class of semi-divine deities found in Hindu religion; Nagini (Harry Potter), Voldemort's snake in the Harry Potter series See also. Naagin (2015 TV series), an Indian television series; Naga (disambiguation) Nagaina, a spider genus of the family Salticidae (jumping spiders This post contains spoilers for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.. It wasn't long ago that Harry Potter fans knew Nagini, Voldemort's loyal snake-turned-Horcrux as just that: a.

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Browse through and read or take nagini stories, quizzes, and other creation Features Lord Voldemort based on his outfit from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Figure comes with base, background artwork, fabric robes, Elder Wand, and Nagini the snake Nagini stands approximately 2tall and 2 wide but can be adjusted to be talle

A fter nearly a year of speculation over whether Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald will delve into Nagini's origin story, a new trailer for the movie has confirmed that the human. Nagini allowed Voldemort to use her physical form, to regain strength and prepare for his return. Physically, Nagini was a very large green snake, about 12 feet long with an extremely thick middle, and most likely was magically transformed into a very large and dangerous specimen by Voldemort According to Dumbledore, Nagini was the only living thing Voldemort cared about. Ad. In this version of events, shortly after meeting Voldemort, Nagini is turned into a Horcrux - a host for part. The latest addition to the growing Pop In A Box Exclusives collection is the most dangerous Dark wizard of all time, the Chief Death Eater himself and mortal enemy of the Chosen One, Lord Voldemort with Nagini! The exclusive mould of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named features his faithful companion turned Horcrux Nagini draped around him (although he better watch out for Neville Longbottom! Nagini is loyal to Voldemort because he can speak with snakes. As a Maledictus, there probably isn't much time after the events in The Crimes of Grindelwald before Nagini falls to her blood curse.

Voldemort would have to be sure of Nagini's loyalty. Fantastic Beasts 2 touches on Nagini's unhappiness, and we expect the franchise will unravel her backstory further explaining her motivation. Voldemort kills him, and most presumably lets Nagini eat the corpse. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry has a vision in which Arthur Weasley is attacked by Nagini, in an attempt to infiltrate the Department of Mysteries. At this point, Voldemort is controlling Nagini's actions Voldemort uses the Body-Bind Curse on Neville, forces the Sorting Hat onto his head, and sets the Hat on fire. Voldemort screams in fury when, after freeing himself from the Body-Bind Curse, Neville beheads Nagini with the sword of Gryffindor. Voldemort stares when Harry removes the Invisibility Cloak, revealing that he is still alive

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Voldemort assumed that even though Nagini is the one killing Snape, the order was his, and therefore nothing would go wrong. He approached the situation in the best logical way possible. He was wary of the situation, because he had already been through a time when Avada Kedavra backfired on him This finely detailed Voldemort resin model depicts the Dark Lord upon his return to physical form. Accompanied by his faithful snake and Horcrux, Nagini, Lord Voldemort is ready to unleash a new age of darkness upon the Wizarding World, and take his revenge at last upon the Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter DE arról szó volt, hogy nagini különleges mivel horcuxot csinált belőle voldemort. Tudni illik a kigyók nem élnek eddig így varázslény volt maga is és persze egy horcuxot egy hagyományos kigyó nem bírt volna el. Szóval nem épp utólag találták ki

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  1. While some are defending Rowling's decision as a nod to Southeast Asian culture, others are criticizing it for what Nagini undergoes in the future, specifically serving under Voldemort who.
  2. The Nagini Ransomware was discovered that takes its name from pet snake belonging to the the Harry Potter villain Voldemort. The addition of pop culture themes into ransomware infections has.
  3. gly trapped in snake form and belonged to Lord Voldemort with whom she had a special bond

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Apr 16, 2017 - Nagini (d. 2 May, 1998) was a female Maledictus cursed to transform into a snake. Originating possibly in Indonesia,2 by 1927 she was a performer at the Circus Arcanus where she met Credence Barebone and had the ability then to transform at will. By 1994, Nagini was seemingly trapped in snake.. *Voldemort's forces:* Voldemort + nagini. Bellatrix lestrange. Severus snape. Malfoy family. 1000 death eaters. 100 corrupted hogwarts students. 100 giant spider The movie's final trailer reveals early on that Voldemort's beloved snake, Nagini, was once human. We see Credence (Ezra Mileler) whisper the name Nagini before watching actress Claudia Kim turns into the iconic Harry Potter snake. In the books, Nagini eventually becomes one of Voldemort's horcruxes. Fans were floored by the reveal Nagini is an animal who appears in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 1. Nagini is Voldemort's servant, as well as his sixth Horcrux. Nagini was destroyed by Neville Longbottom during the Battle of Hogwarts. 1 Background 2 Notes 3 Gallery of Variations 4 Gallery 5 Appearances 5.1 Possible Appearances 5.2 Video Game Appearances 6 See Also 7 References 8 External Links Nagini (d. May, 2 1998) was a. I recently read a quote where Rowling says that Nagini (Voldemort's pet snake) is the same snake that Harry released from the zoo in book 1. Does anybody know if that's true, or is it a false quote? - I think I saw it on tumbler. It says that Rowling said it, but I dont know if that's true. question and answer in the Harry Potter clu

Department 56 Harry Potter Village Lord Voldemort and Nagini Figurine, 5.44 in H Brand: Department 56. 5.0 out of 5 stars 6 ratings. Price: $75.00 & FREE Shipping. Details & FREE Returns Return this item for free. Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition. Fantastic Beasts: JK Rowling defends casting Asian actress as Voldemort's snake Nagini. The Harry Potter author says she had been hiding the fact Nagini was a woman turned into a snake due to a. JK Rowling continues to be a huge ass racist mess but somehow people are using Nagini (a snake named in HINDI) being an East-Asian woman who is a submissive pet to the most evil white man in the universe to complain about the lack of LGBTQ+ rep in Harry Potter. — Adiba Jaigirdar (@adiba_j) 25. September 201

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  1. As we learned in the most recent Fantastic Beasts trailer, Nagini was the “snake girl†in the aforementioned magical circus, and she is known as a Maledictus.According to J.K. Rowling, a.
  2. g a Horcrux. ☞Please note all dimensions under 'Information' refer to the boxed product. ☞Age recommendation 14
  3. g in will travel from New York to Europe on December 13 of that year. Also, the muggle at the orphanage wondered whether [Tom's mom] came.
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